Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Video;Governor Palin's Heartfelt, Highly Emotional And Inspiring Tribute To Her Christian Life From Address To National Quartet Convention

The Louisville Kentucky Courier Journal has a touching article about the last National Quartet Convention being held there as many members are to elderly to circumnavigate the stadium. They included a video retrospective which includes a wonderful piece on Sarah Palin's heartfelt, obviously highly emotional and inspiring tribute to her Christian life from her 2010 address there.

Here is an extract and the full article is AT THIS LINK

"Doug Allen will again faithfully attend nearly all the activities at the annual National Quartet Convention and trade show booked into the Kentucky Exposition Center for the 20th straight year, Sept. 8-14.
He and his wife, Mary, “get out there around noon and leave around midnight,” said Allen, who lives in Middletown. “We have followed Southern gospel music all our lives.”
But this will be last time, perhaps ever, that the religious music songfest will gather in Louisville. Freedom Hall - where nightly concerts are held during the convention - has become difficult for the aging conventioneers to navigate."

Sarah Palin at the National Quartet Convention: Sarah Palin addresses a crowd at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Ky. on Sept. 16, 2010 telling convention goers it's time for them to 'Turn back to God.'