Today, I am going to really shake the foundations and make an argument for why we should consider doing the same, by nominating Sarah Palin in 2016 as the GOP candidate for President of the United States. *Gasp!* Can Brady be serious here? Has he completely lost his marbles? What the hell is he thinking?

I’ll tell you what I am thinking. I am thinking that I’m fed up with liberal smart-assery as well as stiff-shirt RINOs telling me who is “acceptable” to sit in the Oval Office. Who the hell do you people think you are, anyway? Your candidates certainly haven’t blazed any trails or set the woods on fire with innovative thinking. Why not think outside the box, and go with someone who has a genuine “love of country” instead of the typical status quot politician? Perhaps it’s time for a radical departure from ‘conventional wisdom’ and over-analyzation?

First of all, I am fully aware that Sarah Palin has extremely high ‘negatives’ and a lot of people simply don’t like her, but I also happen to know, millions of people LOVE her. Yes, she sometimes does come across as a little shallow on the issues, a little over her head, punching above her weight in the arena of politics. But when we examine the points she has made over the past decade, the woman has hit her mark nearly every time. When she likened the ACAs Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to a “Death Panel” the Democrats laughed and chortled, for weeks on end, Palin was the butt of jokes and ridicule. Now that we’ve passed Nancy’s bill and seen what’s in it, those same Democrats are sheepishly having to admit that Palin was absolutely right.

The “Death Panels” vindication isn’t the only one. In 2006, a group of lefty environmentalists, pushing a Global Warming agenda, released a study showing how Alaskan polar bears were becoming endangered due to melting ice packs, and Palin returned fire. She insisted that her state’s wildlife scientists had determined this was a bunch of hooey, and again, Palin was ridiculed and scoffed by the “lame-stream media” as she likes to call them. Turns out, after successfully adding the polar bears to the endangered species list, it was discovered that the study was largely fraudulent, many of the polar bear deaths were simply not the result of melting ice packs. Those who issued the study are now under investigation and indictments are sure to follow.

In 2009, the ankle-biting left, still intent on destroying Palin, lobbed ethics charges against the governor, who eventually resigned her position over the matter. Of course, this was front page news, as speculation swirled that she might be guilty. As it turns out, she was totally vindicated again, no ethics violation occurred, and the charges were dropped as meritless. Interestingly, this aspect didn’t make the front page news, it was buried in the B-section, and never brought up again. However, Palin’s highly publicized resignation from the governorship continues to be brought up, as the left uses this to criticize the woman as a “quitter.” Palin realized that she would be having to spend a great deal of her time over the next few years, defending herself in court against the charges, and this would come at a great cost to her state. Not many power-hungry egotistical politicians today, would have ever considered such a move. Rather than subject Alaska to the relentless witch hunt that had already unfolded, she removed herself from the spotlight, for the benefit of her state. I think this was something to be greatly admired in her character, not ridiculed.

I have suggested before that we nominate Palin, in 2012, but my fellow conservatives would have none of it. I was resoundingly hooted down by pragmatists who had jumped on the Anti-Palin bandwagon, and insisted she was not fit for the presidency. Too much of a lightweight, too much of a divisive figure, too much out of her depth on foreign affairs, and just not suitable as a candidate for the high office of president. Yet, we ended up with the pragmatist’s choice, Mitt Romney, who was resoundingly defeated in short order, just as McCain was defeated 4 years earlier. True Conservatives were forced to split their votes between Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, and Perry. None of which had the overwhelming popularity and sheer political courage of Sarah Palin.

Oh yes, the lefties out there would gleefully chortle and confidently welcome the prospect of Sarah Palin being the GOP nominee. And this scares the crap out of the elitist establishment, who still believe we must cater to what sort of candidate the left thinks we should nominate, for some odd reason. I say we ignore the elitists and lefties and when they resoundingly oppose Palin because they don’t think she is qualified, we say… So frickin’ what? You don’t like her, don’t vote for her! I’m frankly tired of listening to people who think they know better, who would or wouldn’t make a better candidate for President. Yeah, sure, Rand Paul is great and wonderful, and I can even envision a scenario where he and Palin vie for the nomination, ala Reagan/Bush in 1980, and wouldn’t THAT make an interesting duo, Palin/Paul?

I say it’s time to smack the liberals in their kisser with something completely radical, and it couldn’t get much more radical than this. To hell with their ridicule, to hell with what they would say, to hell with how they would relentless attack Palin day in and day out. Who the heck are they going to nominate to replace the Great Obama? Plugs Biden? Billary Clinton? I’ll put Sarah Palin up against both of those clowns any day of the week.

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