Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mark Vogl:"Sarah Palin (America's best hope) is no non sense on Syria, don't do it"

Mark Vogl at Nolan Chart LINK supports Governor palin's views on the Syria situation

Sarah Palin weighs in on Syria; fool's mistake!

America's best hope, Sarah Palin is no non sense on Syria, don't do it!
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
The difference between the Ivy League taught people and the regular American is light years. The former (the Ivy Leaguers) are more interested in the world, the global economy and moving large capital formations through different global markets. But for regular Americans, like you and me and

Sarah Palin, we are concerned with the national interests of the United States!
In a recent article in WND Weekly "Sarah Palin jumps into Syria Dispute" former Governor Sarah Palin spoke frankly and directly to the ongoing controversy over what to do with respect to the civil war in Syria. Palin's policy prescription was simple; "Let Allah sort it out." You can't be more succinct than that. Palin said it's a "centuries-old internal struggle between violent radical Islamists and a murderous dictatorial regime."

For scores of years the United States has been overly involved in the Middle East. During the Cold War American policy in the Middle East was integrated into its global contest with the Soviet Union. But once America won the Cold War, regional disputes that had been suppressed by the nuclear power stand off quickly moved to the front burner on the global stage.
Underlying U.S. policy are two foundations not directly connected to US national interests; the security of Israel and the world oil market. (The US has sufficient domestic energy reserves to separate itself from the world market.)

U. S. policy in the Middle East has been inconsistent, fragmented, and intrusive. American policy has supported democracy, unless the victors participating in the democracy oppose the United States, or Isreal or the New World Order. Then American might shifted to the dictator! Egypt is the most recent example of unrealistic U.S. policy.

The policy of pre-emptive strike has not proven to be either cost effective, or enhancing to U.S. prestige. The world that relies on Mid East oil followed the example of America's welfare class by accepting the benevolence of the U.S. government with disdain. Japan, Europe, and other oil consumers are not standing lining up as supporters of a Syria strike. In fact, Britain, whose industries sold the chemicals to make Sarin gas to Syria, have retreated from their once belligerent stance against Assad, to one of "wait and see."

Governor Palin asked if our invasion and disposal of Saddam Hussein did not deter Syria from using chemical weapons, why do we think lobbing a few missiles at Syria will have any affect.
Palin is doing the "Palin," talking common sense, asking policy questions which are inconvenient to the ruling elite! Once again Sarah is applying her very highly tuned intellect to the issue, and asking the questions we would ask! And unlike her mentor John McCain, or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Palin will not be bought off!

Palin’s foreign policy intuition is spot on. No one, not President Obama, not Secretary of State Kerry or anyone else has been able to tell us why we have lob missiles at Syria, except that our President talked about red lines. Well Mr. President if you had been playing golf that day, or fund raising, you would not have talked yourself into one more Obamaism!

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