Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Mark Vogl Pleads For Governor Palin To Declare For 2016:Sarah Palin Can't be Our Only Hope" But Mid-Terms Must Come First

Mark Vogl makes a heartfelt plea for Governor palin to declare if she is "the one". Vogl sees this as necessary in the light of there being, in his opinion, no Christian conservative on the horizon who has the required experience to be a viable candidate. 

His anxiety is understandable given the sorry state of America under the leftist Obama administration but the priority in the near future must be the 2014 mid-terms.

Sarah, and her allies will be concentrating on getting gas many genuine conservatives elected as is possible in 2014. Her track record of assisting people like Ted Cruz, Fischer, Lee and numerous others into power is exemplary and each one so elected is another nail in the coffin of the establishment-which of course explains why they hate and denigrate her. 

Once the elections are over then, most certainly, if would be vital for all concerned Christians and conservatives of all stripes to plead with Governor Palin to commence a run for the presidency or to endorse someone whom she has the confidence in to do the job. 

Who that might be I for one am more than happy to leave up to her in the sure and certain trust that her choice, after prayerful consideration. will be the right one.

Here are Mark Vogl's thoughts with thanks to him and Nolan Chart

Topic: Election 2016

Sarah Palin can't be our only hope!

Sarah is unique, but if she won't step forward we need more leaders with her grit, common sense, belief in God and priorities
by Mark Vogl
Saturday, September 7, 2013

Leadership is a gift from God, we don't all have it. Leadership takes different forms in different environments. It is not just character, or charisma, or appearance, or knowledge. Leadership is not just an ability to communicate, or to envision and articulate a better day. It is all of this and an intangible that engenders trust and feelings between the leader and the led. There is a commonality between the leader and the led; there is a common hope, common values, and a common recognition of a threat.
Real leaders are few and far between. Many talk, many write, many articulate a future, but few walk the journey of a leader. Many fill the place of a leader, they hold for a time, never really comprehending the place they have, never seeing the larger picture, never conferring with God about their responsibility or what they are to do.

Sarah Palin is a special person, a leader. No, she is not wealthy, or born into some family like the Bush's or the Kennedy's. No she didn't go to Harvard or Yale. None of that makes real leaders, but family tree and where one went to school is often seen by some as a pedigree that bestows some kind of leadership talent. Sarah is in a way, like the enlisted man in the Army who is selected for officer training because of what she has demonstrated on the political battlefield. Sarah has earned her spurs the hard way, working her way up through the ranks. And because she did it that way she knows how common folk feel about what is happening today.

But Sarah Palin is more than just a polished private. She fills the space of a national leader. She has a moral compass and an understanding of the foundations of this nation. Her upbringing on the frontier is absent privilege of birth, or a social environment absent God. She has been an executive and knows the peculiar challenges of working with people in the other party to get things accomplished. She has worked the levers of a state constitution and faced off against powerful people, in her own party, and in the world.

Sarah has demonstrated a sincerity and commitment and continued to travel the nation and talk with people. Always optimistic, always American and always frank and to the point. She has earned our affection and our trust.

But it is still unclear whether her days as a possible candidate for President are over. She provides no hint of whether we can look forward to her leading us, or whether something has irrevocably taken her form the possible choices.
We are left wondering, but this nation is in serious trouble. We need a leader; someone we know will take up the mantle. Cruz, Lee, Paul, and Rubio have been offered as possible conservative choices. None of them have the executive experience, and all of them are so new that we cannot know for sure who they are, or what they really stand for. We also can't know who their advisers and major supporters would be.

If America is to reverse direction we need to be sure of our choice. We need to know them, to feel comfortable that they have a vision of America on the horizon. We need to know they know God, a Christian God that will be welcomed in the halls of the White House. We need to know that they are American at heart, that they are more concerned with Main Street than Wall Street.

This is not a time for a conservative version of a "community activist." We need a national leader, a leader who leads all the people, not just certain segments.
Sarah, if you intend to be available to run, let us know. If not, then let us know we need to find our next Reagan. Time is precious and running."

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