Friday, September 20, 2013

In Major Statement On Guns And Society Governor Palin, Rightly, Finds It A Moral Issue

"A decent and moral society is guided by voluntary self-restraint. The less moral we are, the more legalistic we become. But more laws can’t protect a civilization that has lost its way. At most, they’re just tiny speed bumps for a runaway truck.
The solutions we seek won’t be found in the halls of Congress or state legislatures. Might I humbly suggest that we step back from the TV, take a breath, hug our kids, reach out to friends and neighbors, and say a prayer."

So states Governor Sarah Palin in a major editorial posted today at National Review "As Freedom Destroys Itself 
Laws can’t protect a society that has lost its way. " 

After reviewing the events surrounding the recent shooting tragedy at the Washington Naval Yard and the history of guns in the American tradition Governor Palin considers where America is in relation to gun laws and where it should, and must be in relation to
the real solution to criminal violence involving guns.

After condemning the politicians (and media by inference) who take advantage of outbreaks of gun violence (which are more mental health issues than specifically gun related issues) to try and impose restrictions on law abiding gun owners, Palin gets right to the heart of the matter.

She identifies the basic problem as one of the decline of moral standards in a society "that has lost its way".That applies not only to guns, mental health matters, but also abortion, crime in general, political corruption and cowardice. As one who has identified the problem and provided a solution surely Governor Palin is the one to implement these solutions through leadership, moral example and the highest office in the land.