Monday, September 23, 2013

Hispanic Journalists Take On "Palin’s frustration with Rubio’s monumental mistake legitimizing ‘Gang of Ocho’ amnesty"

A very interesting take on the Palin/Cruz/Lee triumvirate's attempt to defund Obama care from an Hispanic journalist, JAVIER MANJARRES at Florida's "The Shark Tank" (Link below).

There are all sorts of undercurrents with this post-the GOP's appeal to Hispanic voters, particularly Cubans in this vital Electoral College state. With Governor Palin supporting Senator Cruz and not Senator Marco Rubio there would appear to be little if any damage done to the GOP's prospects as both are, of course, of Cuban descent so no attack can be mounted on the conservatives on that score.

Another point is that although, as the writer sets out Senator Rubio appears to be trying to recover lost ground with conservatives over his support for the "gang of ocho's" amnesty bill attempt by supporting the defundign exercise it appears to have had little traction. Most certainly with Governor Palin whom the writer points out seems to have gone out of her way not to mention or credit Rubio for the defunding stance.

Can Senator Rubio ever recover from what Manjarres clearly identifies as a major problem for him? I doubt it.

"Palin’s frustration with Rubio’s monumental mistake of  liberal Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, when he backed their ‘Gang of Ocho’ amnesty for illegal immigrants play, is understandable"


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is still peeved at Senator Marco Rubio over his embrace of what she calls “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Rubio’s immigration reform ‘turnover,’ or political fumble, has left a very bad taste in the mouths of countless conservatives like Palin, who have been big proponents of legal immigration reform, but unlike Rubio, still hold that position.

Palin is hailing Texas Senator Ted Cruz for leading the way on defunding Obamacare, and not Marco Rubio, who could be seen as the ‘Patron’ of the defund effort.
Palin, who endorsed Ted Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign, also made the effort and offered to endorsed Rubio in his historic 2010 Senatorial campaign, but was brushed off by Rubio’s campaign because they thought she was ‘too controversial’ and conservative, leading some to conclude that there could be a little bad blood between the two.
Along with other prominent conservative pundits, Palin has called out Rubio as a flip-flopper, and has said that he and others should be held accountable, and have to face a primary challenge when they come up for re-election.
I think that they should be challenged. I don’t have a problem with a heated debate and contested primaries where they have to answer to constituents regarding their flip-flopping on such a fundamental position as amnesty for illegal immigrants-Sarah Palin
Palin’s distaste for Rubio’s new immigration reform position was put on full display in a recent op-ed she penned for Breitbart News.

In her piece, Palin sounds the political trumpets of praise for Senator’s Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for holding the line on defunding Obamacare. Palin said that “Senator Ted Cruz and his liberty-loving posse on Capitol Hill who have led the charge to defund Obama’s train wreck,” but failed to mention Rubio, who is part of this Cruz “posse” along with Senator Rand Paul, and had taken the lead on the defund effort early on.
Those of us who hang in there supporting a major political party with our energy, time, and contributions would like to believe that that party would praise principled conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for following through on campaign promises.-Sarah Palin
We’d like to believe that the GOP establishment would applaud the way these bold leaders have rallied the grassroots to their cause. But, no, such praise would require a commensurate level of guts and leadership, and the permanent political class in D.C. is nothing if not gutless and rudderless.-SP
Palin mentions Cruz and Lee by name, saying that they have “followed through on campaign promises,” which is an obvious slight against Rubio, who has been all but crucified for moving away from his hawkish pro-legal immigration position he held while he was running for the U.S. Senate in 2010.
In addition, Palin states that if the Senate doesn’t back Cruz in defunding Obamacare (not going to happen), than it is because there “weren’t enough principled leaders” who stood him.

But even as Rubio, Lee and Cruz stood together with grassroots activists back in August to announce their unified effort to defund Obamacare, Palin went on to say that, Americans will need to “thank God that principled leaders like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee took a stand to stop it (Obamacare) in its tracks,” once the law takes full affect, and its true economic carnage brought on by the is realized.
If the Senate doesn’t get behind Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare, it won’t be because of any failure on Ted’s part. It’ll be because there weren’t enough principled leaders to stand with him, and that would be a tragic loss, not for Ted, but for America.
Right now, Ted Cruz is speaking for us in this Obamacare fight. God bless him for it.-SP
Palin’s frustration with Rubio’s monumental mistake of legitimizing liberal Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, when he backed their ‘Gang of Ocho’ amnesty for illegal immigrants play, is understandable, but Rubio should be afforded a little credit for standing with his fellow conservative amigos, Cruz and Lee, in spearheading the push to defund Obamacare.
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