Saturday, September 7, 2013

Harbinger For Palin 2016? Conservative Christian Elected As Australia's Prime Minister In Landslide

As predicted the leader of Australia's conservative coalition, Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott has been chosen as Prime Minister (as leader of the largest Parliamentary party). There were predictions of a ten seat majority but instead early returns show a massive landslide-a route of the leftist Labour party headed by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd by a huge 46 seats.

The Labour Party was riven by coups and dissatisfaction and presided over a declining economy. Rudd was removed as Prime Minister by his deputy Julia Gillard who in turn was replaced by Rudd in a coup just before the election when omens looked disastrous for Labour and back-benchers tried to save their skins-to little avail as it happened.

Abbott is young, a  social conservative, against same-sex marriage, a family man and a strong Christian. There are positive signs in his election for Americans who also hold these views and especially for Sarah Palin or a Palin-ite in 2016.
Here's noted conservative Tim Stanley:

Hmmmm, it does offer the hope of a trend - Harper in Canada, Abbott in Australia

If the Obama administration continues on its seemingly arrogant and potentially disastrous course in foreign affairs and the economy doesn't improve from its current miserable situation of a terrible employment participation rate then the stage could be set for a similar result in 2016-a huge rejection of the leftist agenda currently in place. Not only would there be a rejection of the social engineering that has been imposed in the last 5 years but a revolt against an arrogant administration and its failed economic policies.

It may well have been that heartland America had to endure 8 years of leftism to get the massive swing back to traditional American values and standards. If the Abbott government does well his election could prove very valuable in 2016 as something to point to  as an example of social conservatism in action.

I dialogued (reproduced below) some of these points with Adam Brickley (who gained fame as the person credited by many for having Governor Palin be chosen as VP candidate LINK). We share a concern that the GOP Establishment would not go down without a fight-even to the extent of undermining a conservative candidate. However i think that even that could be overcome witness Reagan having to beat both Carter and a strong Independent Republican and doing so in a landslide. When the wheel of history is ready to turn nothing can stop it and Abbott's win may be the first turn of the wheel

    1. That's my biggest fear-the GOPe does a Grover Cleveland and runs a pseudo Republican Party like they did against Bryan in "96
    2. LOL it's late-I meant of course the Dem establishment against Bryan-you get the idea I'm sure
    1. Many in professional GOP establishment would rather throw the election than allow an anti-establishment victory to stand

    1. May be a stretch but I see Abbot as a harbinger of what is possible for Palin as they are both strong social conservatives
    2. And if Obama admin continues on its path the 2016 scenario may be similar to Oz allowing for a genuine conservative win
    1. Yeah but I'm an Abbott fan - and enough of a numbers geek that I care about all of the marginal seats around the edges
    2. Have to wonder about Rudd-I'd have thought it better if he let Gillard take her lumps and takeover after debacle
    1. Big difference between a 10 seat gain and a 40 seat gain
    1. I know Abbott's going to win - but I care about Tasmania, Rudd's seat, Wayne Swan, and the Senate