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Sarah Murnaghan Who Palin battled Death Panels/Sebelius for expected to leave hospital after high-profile lung transplant

Here is the history of a young girls courage and Sarah Palin's fight for her against the 'detah Panels in action;From Twitchy;

"Sarah Palin is using Facebook as a platform to draw attention to what Allahpundit calls a “portrait of a bureaucratic nightmare.”
A little girl’s dying from cystic fibrosis and has three to five weeks to live unless she gets a lung transplant before then. The good news is that adult lungs can be modified for a child her age in a way that’ll save her life — except that, because she’s only 10, she’s not eligible for them. The “adult” list starts at 12; everyone younger than that goes to the children’s list, where lungs are much harder to come by. The question is, does Sebelius have the authority to suspend those age limitations and make the girl, Sarah Murnaghan, eligible for an adult transplant?
I honestly don’t know the answer. Murnaghan’s parents say Sebelius’s authority is clear; Sebelius herself claims that HHS’s lawyers have told her she can’t do it. A life hangs in the balance.
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says all she can do is order a review of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network’s policy. Republican lawmakers contend that Sebelius has “the ability and the authority to intervene.”
In her full Facebook post, Palin slammed the administration for targeting journalists and patriots while refusing to “bend the rules” to ensure 10-year-old Sarah a shot at life.
The government will bend the rules left and right to harass targeted taxpayers, conservative patriots, selected journalists, etc., but it will strictly exercise inconsistent and subjective rules to deny a child a shot at life. And they called us liars when we spoke of “death panels” – faceless bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor to make life and death decisions about a loved one’s survival. It doesn’t sound so far fetched anymore, does it?
The AP reports that “Sarah’s transplant doctors say she is medically eligible for an adult lung.” It’s the bureaucratic tangle snaring Sarah Murnaghan and her family.
As always, clinging bitterly to hatred for Sarah Palin is more important than just about anything … including the life of a young girl.
Govt bends the rules to target conservatives & harass journalists, but draws the line at saving a little girl's life http://is.gd/yDq44Z

Governor Palin: God Bless Sarah Murnaghan

Sarah Murnaghan had a successful lung transplant; God bless her & docs & judge who said "yes" after death panel/HHS Secy Sebelius said "no".

And here is the further good news today

By Renee Nal at Gather.com

Sarah Murnaghan expected to leave hospital after high-profile lung transplant

Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis, became the poster child for how bureaucratic rules can interfere with decisions that should be made between a doctor and patient.
San Francisco Gate reported today that Sarah's mom, Janet, said that her daughter "had been taken off oxygen, although she still gets support from a machine that helps her breathe, and has started to walk with the aid of a walker." A family spokesperson said Murnaghan could be leaving the hospital this week.
Sarah's case made national headlines when she was refused to be on the list for an adult lung due to national rules, despite the opinion of her physicians that they could save her life with such an intervention. In June, doctors gave her "weeks to live," as reported by John Hayward ofHuman Events.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius famously told Rep. Lou Barletta during a House hearing,
"I would suggest, sir, that, again, this is an incredibly agonizing situation where someone lives and someone dies." Would Sebelius have had the same opinion if President Obama's child was sick, for example?
Thankfully, Sarah Murnaghan was given a second chance at life after a federal judge intervened, allowing the little girl to receive the lung transplants.
But it should never have come to this.
Physicians should not be stifled by rules made by those who paint all patients with a wide brush. The situation is reminiscent of the Death Panel debate that raged on while President Obama was busy trying to push through the unpopular Affordable Care Act known as ObamaCare.
During the debate in 2009, Sarah Palin expressed concern over Medicare paying for "optional" conversations about advance directives, end of life care, and living wills. The complicit mainstream media focused on her "death panel" phrase in reference to the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). PolitiFact even made "Death Panels" their "lie of the year," but they did not attack former DNC chair Howard Dean, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal last month that the IPAB is "essentially a health-care rationing body," which is exactly the point that was being made by Sarah Palin.

Image Source (Sarah with her sister): AP Photo/Murnaghan Family via the Examiner
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