Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sarah Palin Included In The Top Ten "Quotable One Liners" In the "History of the World".

The University of New Orleans published an article "A History Of The World — In One-Liners"
 which appeared on their 89.9 New Orleans radio station.

The article noted that in Palin's recent  address to the "Faith and Freedom Conference" she "let loose a barrage of bons mots aimed at President Obama and political Washington."

The article's author, Linton Weeks then went on to advise that in the modern world the "one liner" is a strong tool in debate (he gives an example of how to counter it in the desire for ongoing dialogue). 

Weeks ascribes to Palin a strong expertise in the technique, and then lists a "top ten" of notable one liners from such outstanding speakers and historical characters as Plato, JFK. MLK and Benjamin Franklin. Strong company indeed for Palin and a tribute to her rhetorical skills.

Palin's apparently immortal "one liner" is at THIS LINK-see if you can guess which one of her many outstanding remarks it is!

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