Monday, May 20, 2013

"She (Palin) may be today the most important person in American culture and politics. She may always have been" Bernie Quigley 'The Hill"

Here are, what are to me, the key, grand and eloquent quotes from Bernie Quigley's article at The Hill. Please read the entire piece at the link below

'Duck Dynasty' nation needs Sarah Palin

She has a purpose here. She may be today the most important person in American culture and politics. She may always have been.

It is an awakening paradigm both political and cultural. And this is why Palin is important today. She is the La Passionara of this rising cultural movement, and more than any single person, including Gray Champion Ron Paul, is responsible for its growth, progress and growing acceptance

The Tennessee rustic Andrew Jackson, bullet still wedged next to his heart, rose to prominence because America was ready for Jackson and sick to death of the prima donnas in coastal Virginia and Massachusetts. America is ready again and ready for Palin. "

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