Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post Event Comments From Sarah Palin's Address To Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada

From the Facebook (LINK) site of the;

Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada

at whose fund raiser Governor Sarah Palin was the key speaker here are the follow up comments from supporters of the organization and the managing team. Clearly  a major effort was put in and judging by the comments the event was a success-which is of course wonderful. 

The original post I put up of pictures and Tweets from the event is recreated below as well. It has received nearing 1000 page views which shows the enormous interest in Sarah Palin and what she stands for.

Edyta Kotopka It was great evening, room filled with God & life loving people ! Can't get better than that...

Here is a link to podium photo's

New Pictures - Sarah Palin speaks at Shareholders in Life Banquet Las Vegas: April 26, 2013...

Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction

thanks for speaking your heart tonight! It was an awesome time and we were blessed to have you!

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. is on the stage! She is talking about HOPE.
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        Silent Auction - 5:30 to 6:45   
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Listening to bring down the house in Vegas! 

It was great. She's even better in person. If you get the chance, don't miss her. Great gal.