Thursday, May 16, 2013

Left Find Photo Of A Man "Holding" Umbrella For Palin-But Photo Fail

After Sarah Palin Tweet mocked President Obama for using the Marines to protect him form the rain the left dug up a photograph of a person supposedly holding an umbrella to protect Palin from the rain.

As with most things leftist it is clearly a fail as Palin is not under the umbrella! And, anyway, there is a difference between the President of the United States using the power of office and the military to shelter from the rain and a private citizen being so sheltered (if indeed they were) by an ordinary person.

Background information with thanks.


The photo is from Sep 9, 2008 in Lancaster, PA.
the weather for that day was storms and heavy rain moving through.
she's walking down a jet stairway(possibly in heels or other fancy shoes) and you can see she has both hands on the rails. The last thing you need in that situation is for her to be holding an umbrella with one hand, the rail with the other, and she slips or something.
I'm sure the McCain campaign doesn't want their VP nominee who by that point had vaulted him into the lead and made even Nate Silver proclaim him the favorite to win the election to fall down the stairs Gerald Ford-style. If in the middle of a storm some guy holds and umbrella so she can walk down the stairs safely and not have her outfit totally ruined, who cares?
Here's video of her arriving Kosovo in 2009 and getting off a chopper and carrying her own bags
moreover, it's not like she was in the middle of something and stopped and specifically called this guy over. we don't even know if she asked him to carry it or he did it on his own or some other campaign aide said to.
in any event, that's what campaign aides do. to compare that to Obama having the marines do what they did in the rose's not the same league, not even the same sport as they said in Pulp Fiction.