Saturday, April 13, 2013

SCROLL DOWN ENTIRE POST:Video/Pictures/Tweets Sarah Palin In Arizona/ At Strike Out Child Abuse Walk


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Gov. Sarah Palin appear to have a warm relationship as evinced by Gov. Brewer highlighting she is being joined by Sarah in a "March Against Child abuse"today

  1. This Saturday at 3pm in downtown Phoenix, join me and Sarah Palin at Hope & A Future’s 4th Annual Strikeout Child Abuse Walk. The walk concludes at Chase Field where we'll watch the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so join us and make a difference. Learn more and register at

 Mary Beth Faller2h
& Bristol were hanging out at Harold's in Friday night. Looks like a good time.

Photos of Sarah, Todd and Trig at Saturday's 'Strike Out Child Abuse' walk.

Yay Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin! :)

Sarah Palin/Gov Brewer lead "strike out child abuse" walk. We ask them about immigration & 2016 election.Story at 9