Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Highly Respected Electoral-Vote.Com "If Palin Alaska Senate Nominee She Would Be The Favorite" To Win

As a Tea Party group in Alaska campaigns for Sarah Palin to run for the upcoming senate seat there (see "Tea Party Group Drafting Sarah Palin to Run for Alaska Senate" (LINK)

The "VoteMaster" at ELECTORAL-VOTE.COM (Link) is a person I respect hugely-even though we are on opposite sides of the political fence. We have dialogued on occasion, and he has been respectful, as have I and, as expected, very knowledgeable and willing to consider another point of view.

I would not be alone in my opinion and his site, especially during presidential election periods has garnered millions of page views as his electoral college maps and collation of polling formation, allied to a brisk no nonsense reporting style is outstanding.

With that in mind it is instructive to look at his analysis of the upcoming senate race in Alaska. There have been nonsense polls and partisans like PPP Polling (D) advising that Hillary would be 'competitive in Alaska  and other such silliness such as "Palin couldn't be elected to anything in Alaska" but The Votemaster tells the simple unvarnished facts.

"if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee she would be the favorite" to defeat sitting Senator Mark Begich.

Whether Palin chooses to run is another story. She may have her mind set on the presidential nomination in 2016, it would be interesting to get the Votemaster's views on that, but for the time being he is one of the few speaking the simple truth.

This shows the depth of Palin hatred by the media and Blogosphere in general,
and concern about her by the Dem's and their media/polling enablers.


IncumbentChallengerNotes           Polls
Mark Begich 

Candidate unknown 


Mark Begich, the former mayor of Anchorage, was personally recruited by then-DSCC chairman Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), even though he had to face then-Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest sitting Republican in Senate history. Stevens was convicted of several felony violations a week before the election, but lost by only 1-point. Stevens' convictions were later thrown out by Attorney General Eric Holder, but by then it was too late. While Stevens won't try to get his old job back (he died in 2010), if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee, she would be the favorite in this very red state. If Palin doesn't run, any other Republican will at least give Begich a tremendous fight. Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R-AK) would be a tough competitor, but the 2010 GOP Senate nominee, Joe Miller, would give Treadwell fits in the primary if he decides to run.