Friday, April 12, 2013

Create Bumper Sticker Slogan/Text For Palin 2016 Campaign For This Design

Over a Zazzle (at this link ) they have a powerful lot of Palin 2016 merchandise-and rightly so. One particular item that caught my eye (one of many of course) was the bumper sticker reproduced above.

I thought it might be interesting to throw open the choice for the wording (in the comments section below on this page-not at the Zazzle link) which folks could then order for themselves and from which I could choose one for my car. 

I'm sure visitors here are much more creative than I would ever be and many are much more dedicated too so the chances of a far better slogan coming from them than me are pretty high.

Have a try-or better yet perhaps, have multiple tries. Who knows, perhaps the Palin campaign might run with yours !

NB: I know the sticker says "Goes her" but that's how Zazzle has it LOL.