Monday, April 8, 2013

Coulter/Politico/Wonkette; The Truth Behind The Thatcher-Palin Smears

John Frank, writing at C4P, addresses the lefts lies and calumnies directed at Sarah Palin upon the passing of Margaret Thatcher. Dan Riehl at Riehl World View gives a full analysis of the Thatcher/Palin media fraud HERE

That the left, and the GOPe Establishment hack Coulter would use the passing of a giant to attack another giant is reprehensible but totally expected.

Politico nails its colors to the mast with yet another of the "Thatcher's aid said Palin is nuts" posts. The left is crawling out from their sewer today aided and abetted by Coulter  HERE  and, from the socialist left, Wonkette's Schoenkopf HERE . There is no shame nor are there standards anymore



"Given that Coulter was a staunch Romney supporter, me thinks that Coulter outed herself today, as being the (or one of the) person (s) who was behind the false "snub" story that was subsequently debunked by Nile Gardner, a former aide to Lady Thatcher, when she was P.M.

Margaret Thatcher did not ‘snub’ Sarah Palin: The truth about the Iron Lady and the former Governor of Alaska

A thought. Those on twitter, in addition to debunking the lie being spread by Coulter, by referencing Mr. Gardner's article ..... may want to challenge Coulter by suggesting .... given what she said.

The lie is also being spread by WaPo and ADN. This all looks very coordinated. Using the death of Lady Thatcher to attack Sarah Palin personally."

In turn, it makes the point in the quote that Sarah Palin references with her memorial to Lady Thatcher which she posted on her FB page.

Sarah Palin's Full Tribute To Lady Thatcher