Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Beaufort Observer;Sarah Palin may have something on why Obama is buying up so much ammunition After all, she was right on the "death panels"

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Sarah Palin may have something on why Obama is buying up 

so much ammunition

After all, she was right on the "death panels"


March 05, 2013
Once again we think, Sarah Palin has hit the nail on the head. The fact is the Federal Government has in recent months stockpiled an enormous amount of ammunition. Much more than has ever been used in the past and much more than could ever be conceivably used in ordinary circumstances. So why are they doing it?

Many people, including the Zombie Obama supporters just ignore the question. Congress ignores it and the Obama Administration refuses to explain their actions.

But it goes without saying that there is a reason. And we just think Palin has as good an explanation as anyone we've heard. She writes, on her Facebook page that she believes that the government is preparing for expected civil unrest when the economy collapses. We agree.

But we think it is even worse that the government preparing for the worst. We have a gnawing suspicion that Obama and his top minions are simply preparing to survive what they plan on causing. There are too many unexplainable actions by the Obama Administration to weaken America and destroy the essence of what has made this country great. We think Obama despises American exceptionalism and he has been determined for years to "cut America down to size."

Moreover, we think there are millions of people in this country who have no clue about what Obama is doing to America. They are too self-absorbed to care. But Obama knows that when the house of cards collapses they will react and it will not likely be to congratulate him. So he needs protection. That is why he has ordered the stockpiling of so much ammunition.

Now the Elite Media, typically carrying the Administration's water for them, rebuts that all this ammunition is simply for "target practice" as a part of training. But they fail to explain why so much more training is anticipated than has been the case in the past. As Mark Levine points out "To provide some perspective," Levin noted, "experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, the [DHS] is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war. A 24-year Iraq war!"

Does anyone not see, with us, the irony in this explanation in contrast to Obama's whining about not being able to deploy the USS Harry Truman because of the "sequester" and the grounding of as many as one-third of the Navy and Air Force's training flights.

Obama spent all last week claiming the sky was falling. Then his Economic Advisory went on the Sunday talk shows and said: "we never said all those bad things would be immediately..." We've about decided you can't really believe anything this crew says.

But we'll even go further and raise another possibility. Could it be that given Obama's willingness to trash our Constitution that he is preparing to repeal the 22nd Amendment?