Thursday, March 14, 2013

Democratic Party Governor's Association Raises Petition Against Sarah Palin??? But She's An Irrelevant Yesterday's Person Isn't She?

Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast advised that yes, the media wrote off Sarah Palin:

I know, we all just wrote her political obituary after Fox News made her a lowball offer and her million-dollar-a-year contract came to an end. Palin was old news, yesterday’s story, out of touch in Wasilla, we declared.Yeah, but that was weeks ago. Things change, right?

 But to paraphrase old leftie California Gov. Jerry Brown "that was then this is now" and "things have changed"-have the ever! The Democratic Governor's Association (DGA) launched a petition attacking...the supposedly "irrelevant" Sarah Palin.

Since some won't believe it, here is the actual petition they are running.

Obviously they are using the Palin name to scare the horses and throw some red meat the way of their dupes, but clearly, the hobgoblin they have created is still able to have 'relevance" if they are going to this trouble.  

More to the point, they wouldn't' use her name unless they felt that the people they are trying to scare still see Palin as a threat. If they, and the DGA, didn't see a threat , or that the threat would bring in money  they wouldn't bother.

This is why the left has zero credibility they shout one thing one week and another the next and expect  people to take notice. All that is happening is that anyone with half a brain would see that Palin must have some relevance if this sort of campaign has been instituted.