Monday, March 25, 2013

89 Photographs Of Sarah Palin Meeting CPAC Attendees

After  Scottie Hughes  published a rather silly article at Town Hall "An open letter to Sarah Palin "about Sarah palin being some sort of Prima Donna by not wading into  the crowds at CPAC she was taken to task by Palin supporters.

"Scottie Hughes, the author of today's OPEN LETTER TO SARAH PALIN, got hammered by the Palin Nation today and has posted two tweets:
"Today I broke the golden rule of Conservatism.. "Thou Shalt Never Say Anything Remotely Negative about The Sarah Palin!"-Consider me flogged."
"Glad to see @SarahPalinUSA has such loyal and devoted fans and I am glad to see their passionate responses."

It was only common sense that Palin would not do what she did at the previous years CPAC when she did wade into the crowd for over an hour.

Why? Because last year she was the prime, closing, speaker and this year there were others following. But why let common sense get on the way of an article which sought to denigrate palin 'in sadness" (baloney).

In undebatable answer to the article by Hughes, here is the CPAC photo essay of Sarah meeting and posing with a mass of people.

One of the last things ever to be thrown at Palin is that she is somehow above it all, and has no connection with the person in the street,  as well as the well connected-as the pictures testify at the link below. Click on it then click on the individual pictures.