Monday, January 28, 2013

Video;NBC Morning Show; Time Magazine's Halperin "Palin Has So Much Star Power"

Halperin: Sarah Palin ‘has so much star power...’

In a Today Show segment which contemplates what Governor Palin will do next, TIME Magazine Senior Political AnalystMark Halperin comments that the Republican Party's first female vice presidential candidate still has star power:

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Halperin's observation, and indeed the mere fact that the NBC morning show's producers felt the need to cover her departure from Fox News and speculate on her future flies in the face of her critics in both political parties who claim that she is no longer "relevant." They've been making that claim since November of 2008, but they still can't stop talking about her.h/t: Tony Lee
-From JOSH PAINTER At The Sarah Palin Blogspot