Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Expose On Immoral Minority &"Gryphen"-Disturbing Reading And A Call For His Readers To Stop Enabling His Madness

Here is the original expose of the clearly deeply troubled "Gryphen" at Immoral Minority which goes some way to explaining how he managed to catch in his net the mad, bad and evil people who comment at his site. There are indications of their psychopathology in previous posts over the last few days.
From "The Other McCain"


WARNING: This post contains content from the Immoral Minority blog, written by "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffinwho has been a kindergarten teaching assistant in Anchorage.
"[T]he school has done extensive background checks on me and I am squeaky clean."
-- "Gryphen," A/K/A, Jesse Griffin, Aug. 4, 2009

"You know the reason that many people enjoy adult movies is that it is sexy to watch people making love. . . . I think that this trend toward real people having real sex is definitely the way to go. I always had a little guilt watching an adult movie and wondering if the female performer was a drug addict, or victim of molestation, just prostituting herself to make a buck. I am not Jewish, so guilt and sex don't really go together for me. But when you see a video of an amateur couple having sex you can tell that they are simply doing it for the sheer excitement of sharing their passion with a bunch of middle aged pervs who are going to wank off to their sexual exploits. Well great here comes that guilt again."-- "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, June 3, 2007
"Yes I DO work in a Kindergarten class during the school year. My main job affords me some time during the day and I have chosen to use it teaching children to read, and helping them to become more independent."
-- "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, Aug. 2, 2009
"Having somebody reveal your "secret identity" can be a little unsettling . . ."
-- "Gryphen," A/K/A, Jesse Griffin, Aug. 4, 2009
"What is morality? Who decides? Are we in charge of our own destiny? What is right? And what is wrong? Are these questions which can be answered? You betcha."
-- banner sllogan at Immoral Minority blog (changed after Aug. 2, 2009)
"All of the fun of sex is drained by making all of these rules and labels. If sex is not naughty then it is almost not worth doing. I love kids, but in my opinion they are just a side effect of a healthy sex life."
-- Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, June 14, 2007
"But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain. I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. . . . He was not conceived in her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt." 
 "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, June 6, 2009
"And your penis will respond more readily if you take it out and put it through its paces more often. Duh! So the next time your girlfriend/wife/mother bust you forwatching porn on your computer, simply tell her that you are exercising and you would appreciate some privacy."
-- "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, July 7, 2008
"That's right I am promoting self pleasure. Does that really surprise anybody?" -- Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, Oct. 17, 2007
"I do it because it brings me joy to work with these children and I believe, and have been told, that I amvery good at it . . .
"[Y]ou now know my dirty little secret. I am an assistant teacher in a room full of five year old children. . . ."
-- Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, Aug. 2, 2009
"I am teaching my boys to wear dresses and swish when they walk because being ignorant or drug addicted is no longer a guarantee of being passed over. If your not willing to suck cock then pack up your going to Iraq."-- "Gryphen," a/k/a Jesse Griffin, June 10, 2005 

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