Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lloyd Marcus At American Thinker-A Wonderful Article;"The Lesson in the Betrayal of Sarah Palin"

Lloyd Marcus hits a home run  at "The American Thinker" with this grand analysis of how Sarah Palin has been so badly treated by the party to which she has contributed so much. I'll let it speak for itself


Rush Limbaugh on his radio show discussed an article which stated that there is no respected voice in the national arena articulating conservatism.  Such an advocate for conservatism is crucial to reversing the direction of America as Obama drives us toward socialism while low-info voters gleefully sing Kumbaya in the backseat.
Well excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but we had an extraordinary advocate for conservatism, and look what happened to her.  Judas on our side betrayed her -- sold her reputation for 30 seconds of fame and favor with the media.
Even now, folks on our side are still beating up on Sarah Palin, saying Palin has lost her appeal -- Palin is unelectable -- Palin wasn't smart enough -- Palin wasn't prepared, etc.  So this is how we treat our heroes.
Many Democratic Party politicians/advocates are immoral, liars, and cheats.  And yet, they are treated like superstars by the media.  Democrats have the backs of their associates, no matter what.  For example: Democrats never rebuked Clinton for receiving oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office.  They simply launched a campaign claiming that any man in Clinton's position would have reacted like him.  Think about that, folks: Democrats and the media lowered the standard of national leadership behavior to cover their guy.
We conservatives act as if our representatives must be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ -- perfect in every way.  At a conservative's slightest misstep, Republicans/conservatives trip over one another backing away from the individual in an effort to get out of the media's and Democrats' line of fire.
Clearly, advocates of conservatism are expected by both parties to walk on water.
Word on the political street is we need a respected advocate for conservatism to reach low-info voters.  While I do believe that a new voice will emerge, I wonder who could be better than Sarah Palin?  Will we betray our new conservative hero?
Inevitably, Palin's humanity was revealed; she was not perfect.  But still, Palin is extraordinary and will be a tough act to follow.
Allow me to recap.  Immediately following her amazing VP nomination acceptance speech, the media/the left went crazy, consumed with hatred and a desperate desire to destroy her.  Why?  Palin was a beautiful, smart, articulate, and strong woman who boldly touted traditional values and a love for God, family, and country -- all of which are anathemas to the left.

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