Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Crazy Is Slate's David Weigel To Not Know Who Sarah Palin Is? (Ted Cruz Does)

Slate's David Weigel in an incredibly childish and intellectually immature comment has this to say about Sarah Palin;

"The Tea Party slayers. Last year’s primaries didn't break like 2010’s. As strong and experienced as the conservative movement was, it lost a few races to more establishment-friendly candidates. Georgia’s Doug Collins, a legislator who’d tried to raise taxes to fund road construction, defeated a radio host who’d been endorsed by Herman Cain and somebody named Sarah Palin." 

The quote is from Weigel's column where he reviews the GOP's intake into the new House which post he titles "How Crazy Are These Guys?" Apparently they are not as crazy as the previous GOP intake he posits which is of course not only damning with faint praise, but is worrisome. If a leftist ideologue like Weigel finds some splinter of merit (or less harm I guess) in a Republican one is tempted to look at that person with caution. But the temptation passes quickly as Weigel's opinions are not to be taken seriously.

The measure of the man is found is the comment about Sarah Palin. Obviously is is said in a cynical manner and is meant to imply that Palin is a person of no import. Of course the fact that he does so shows that she is a person of import as if she were not he would not have taken the time  apart from some possible weird Weigel pleasure involved on his part, in mentioning her at all.

But that is stating the obvious and further argument is a wasted effort as brick walls can't be educated. The simply refudiation (sic) of the nonsense that Palin is somehow of no influence (which is also constantly presented at the Kos kids site in an even more childish manner as "Sarah who") is this post by newly elected senator Ted Cruz which applies equally to New Senator Deb Fischer and numerous others of course al of whom would not be elected had it not been for Palin's powerful influence. 

H/t Josh Painter
Sen. Cruz thanks Gov. Palin with SarahPAC email
Senator Ted Cruz showed his appreciation for Gov. Palin's support with this fundraising email for SarahPAC:

Cruz SarahPAC

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