Friday, January 18, 2013

First Photo's Sarah And Todd Palin At Russo Steele Auction Scottsdale Arizona

Update#3. Well this bit of paranoia from the madwoman Malia Litman's PDS in extremis site beats all. Really there is nothing I can add to it except to advise "The Kid' to fix his tinfoil hat really tight or Sarah's electron rays will get him.

The Kid;

"Well she is up to no good again…had a plane going in circles in the area for almost 3 hours today…should have gave them a view of my butt…lol…
I don’t care Malia it’s just weird, that’s all…have connections that I called and now it’s gone…nice to know retirees…federal agents are the BEST"

Udate#2. I posted the original expose on "Gryphen" and Immoral Minority-scroll to later posts subsequent to this for that and further examination of the bizarre cult they have established or see it AT THIS LINK
Update:If anyone from the psychiatric profession is looking for case studies of morbid insanity they should go to the "Immoral Minority" site where the clearly mad are commenting in droves in the most disgusting manner possible about Palin. These people actually believe there are a number of "Trig's" and Todd Palin murdered one and buried him under his air plane hangar's concrete slab". They are beyond help. For those interested in such psychopathology I wrote a post on them AT THIS LINK
Later that evening, at Harold's restaurant.(From Julie with thanks)

Here is what appears to a be wonderful family souvenir-apparently the Palin's driver at the event

Sarah is wearing a "Girls With Guns" shirt

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