Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yahoo: "Sarah Palin:Leader of the Opposition" (Short Answer Is "Yes")

The fighting Mark Whittington enters the lists once again with the Palin banner flying proudly.  Here is an extract from his latest article at Yahoo:
 Mark Whittington

COMMENTARY | Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity Show on the Fox News Network and uttered the "S" word -- socialism -- to describe the policies that the newly re-elected President Barack Obama is embarking on

She also suggested that some of the disdain some people have for capitalism is a confusion of what the term means, that there is a difference between "crony capitalism," in which business curries favor from the government, and "free market capitalism," in which businesses grow through their own efforts. She also warned that historically burdensome governments have led to the downfall of empires. It was such a clearly stated analysis of the current crisis that has earned Palin the title of leader of the opposition.

No other American politician can assume that title. The Republican congressional leadership is constrained by their positions and the tendency of the GOP caucus to go wobbly. (Palin herself backed away -- sort of -- from calling them "wusses.") Other potential presidential candidates for 2016 such as Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, fine public servants through they are, have not yet achieved the national stature that Palin has.
The Atlantic provides a very interesting factoid. On the Yahoo! search engine, Sarah Palin's name was the third-most searched name in 2012, after President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. (Google shows a slight drop off as 2012 proceeded, possibly explained by the fading of hopes for a Palin candidacy.) That demonstrates that despite perennial declarations of death of Palin's political prospects, her potency as a political force to be reckoned with is very much in evidence.
Palin, for a number of reasons, passed on running in 2012, perhaps to the detriment of Republican chances of winning the presidency. Mitt Romney is a fine man and would have made a good president, but he was unable to convince enough people that he was not, at heart, a north eastern moderate. Palin would certainly not have that problem in 2016. As a candidate she could cement her role as leader of the opposition and -- hopefully -- become leader of the country in fullness of time.

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