Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Legacy Of The GOP's Romney-ite Establishment;Post Election America Is +12 Democrat

According to the latest results from PPP Polling, whom it must be acknowledged did outstandingly well in their 2102 presidential election forecasts, the voting public is now an astounding +12 Democrat.

This is up 100% from the presidential election result which had the Dem's as +6. Remember, after the result came it was that figure which so astounded the Romney camp, who couldn't believe that the voting electorate had changed from where it was in 2004, yet it has become even worse subsequently. 

To have it rubbed in even further, The New York Times 538.com election analysis site shows that President Obama has had one of the weakest "post election" lift in support. This the Democrat's ascendency supersedes Obama's personal popularity, and marks a major shift in voting allegiance after the Romney debacle

The end result of the GOP establishment's "electable" moderate centrist, don't scare the horses with a conservative candidate, has been to shift the voters into landslide territory against the GOP.

The bottom line is that not only does  the emperor have no clothes, he doesn't even have a fig leaf. There is absolutely no argument that the Beltway Establishment can make for another of the same 'electable" type candidate anymore. 

There is no bridle strong enough to pull the rank and file conservatives, who once again held their collective noses and voted as instructed, to the water trough of bitter gall in 2016. No Karl Rove's, no Bush family dynasty, no "next in line" centrist can be dumped from on high on the Tea Party.

They can try, but if they succeed it would be the pyrrhic of "victories' as the formation of a true conservative party would surely follow, and the establishment will have brought their temple down on their heads in blind Samson like fashion.

The facts speak for themselves, the Romney-ite faction has failed yet again, and it is time for them to move aside for a Tea Party and Palin led candidacy, either her own or of her choice in 2016. That campaign must start now.