Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Election Analysis Shows Conservative House 2010 Races Won A Majority Of Women's Vote And Did Better Amongst Hispanic's Than Romney

The Polling analysis site "Battleground Watch has a post-election  analytical article which examines where the Romney campaign fell short. This analysis is based on work done by The Winstone Group which can be located via THIS LINK

The analysis by both Battleground Watch and The Winstone Group  is interesting for its revealing of statistics relating to Romney;'s loss but, apart from the actual numbers tells us little that was not obvious.However, the really interesting facts to emerge are the comparison between the 2012 result amongst the various groups-women/youth/Hispanics and the results from amongst them in both 2004 and most especially 2010.

The GOP establishment's message to the rank and file conservatives is that the party has to run an "electable" centrist to have any chance of winning as only such a person can capture the women's and Hispanic's votes.
Yet what do the actual results show as opposed to the self-serving requirements of the Beltway elite?

Its right there in the report. Where the GOP ran a clearly Tea Party conservative campaign as in 2010 they did outstandingly better than McCain and especially Romney. G.W. Bush was perceived as more of a conservative than Romney surely and yet he nearly won the majority of women's votes and did better than either McCain or Romney amongst Hispanics.

The really telling factor is that in what could only be considered a very conservative campaign, the House Republicans actually won the women's votes in 2010. 

These facts demolish the meme that Hispanic's and women will vote as monolithic groups for Democrat's and to some degree for centrists republicans. 

The facts are that when presented with a genuine conservative alternative to a genuinely leftist president/party they will support the conservatives at majority or enough of a substantial level to give the conservatives victory.

The GOP establishment is totally busted and its themes have no credibility and they must stand aside and let the conservatives have their Palin-ite candidates in 2014 and for the presidency in 2016