Monday, December 3, 2012

Atlantic Article Gets It Right In Spite Author's Intent:"even as she fades from the Beltway spotlight, Palin remains very popular among political non-elites."

The Atlantic (read the entire post AT THIS LINK) has this somewhat snarky article which actually counters its anti-Palin intent by making a really relevant point (which I have emphasised/highlighted below. It matters not one jot what the Beltway GOP establishment think, or says about Palin, or what they plot, or do, or if they exclude her from their meetings (how did that work out for Romney?).

All that will matter, is she decides to run in 2016, will be what the rank and file think of her and if they support such a run.

The fact that, as the article advises, Palin is immensely of interest amongst the non-Establishment masses is what counts. What the author, David Graham did not indicate however, was the degree to which the supposedly "irrelevant" Palin is hated and feared by the radical left.

The Huffington Post has a new article about Palin's interview with Greta van Susteren up and it has received over 11,000 (mostly )comments in response. There would not be a single politician today who receives so much attention form the left.

The Graham article is of course wide of the mark regarding her endorsement mojo-just ask Senator's elect Cruz and Fischer for example (or compare her success rate with Karl Rove's) but that, and the general "Palin has disappeared" tenor of the opening paragraph' is obviously just scene setting.

Of course it is not only  "love" or attention  for Palin on the Internet-the Los Angeles Times ran a piece on Palin being a possibility for 2016 which garnered massive nation-wide attention and was reproduced in other newspapers across America

Survey Says: People Still Care About Sarah Palin (Really!)

By David A. Graham