Monday, November 12, 2012

Yahoo Opinion Editorial; "Sarah Palin for President, 2016"

Here is an excellent opinion piece by Mark Whittington who, surveying the 2016 presidential election field sees Sarah Palin as the best choice for America:

Mark Whittington

The person I would pick to run for president, on the Republican Party ticket, in 2016 is former Alaska Gov. and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Considering what happened in 2012, she is the obvious candidate.

Besides having successfully occupied a number of offices, including that of governor of Alaska, Palin has enjoyed an out of proportion degree of power and influence as a private citizen. In both 2010 and 2012, her endorsement has been the difference between victory and defeat for a number of conservative candidates.

But one thing that recommends Palin as a candidate is who her enemies are. She is hated and feared by the left, but also by establishment Republicans. Considering that candidates that the establishment Republicans like, such as Mitt Romney, tend to lose, that last is not a bad recommendation. Palin, unlike Romney, has impeccable conservative credentials.

She has been unfairly maligned as an intellectual light weight, a crazy person, and a mere media star - just like another former governor a generation ago named Ronald Reagan. Like Palin, Reagan was written off by all the smart people. The parallels are almost eerie.
Published by Mark Whittington
Mark R. Whittington is a writer residing in Houston, Texas. He is the author of The Last Moonwalker, Children of Apollo, Dark Sanction, and Nocturne. He has written numerous articles, some for the Washington... View profile

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