Friday, November 16, 2012

Topical Post:"Sultry vixen Jill Kelley" Posing With Marco Rubio in a "skin-tight, low-cut dress"

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Jill Kelley and Marco Rubio

Say what you want, but like many of their gender, these Kelley gals have that special olfactory that can sniff out who's "in" who's "up and 'comin"--and zero in!
Two years ago they were already schmoozing Marco me that's a GREAT sign for America's future.
Sultry vixen Jill Kelley, who triggered the ongoing military scandal after receiving threatening emails from a jealous rival, also used her connections to cozy up to Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio, the New York Post is reporting.
The Tampa socialite, who is at the center of the saga that brought down former CIA head David Petraeus, showed up at a Rubio fundraiser in a skin-tight, low-cut dress then used her Petraeus ties to take a photo with the handsome Florida Republican.
The wife of a cancer surgeon even had the audacity to forego paying the $1,000 entrance fee to attend the March 2010 fundraiser.
"Jill Kelley loves the spotlight and it was disrespectful that she came to our event without paying when people paid $1000 plus," a witness told the Post’s Page Six.
A source told the paper she was not on the guest list, and she came in, asked for a photo and left

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