Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Moderate Voice & Outside The Beltway Attack The L.A. Times "Palin President 2016" Article

I'm not even going to give a rebuttal to the two posts that have come up attacking Charlotte Allen and her post at The Los Angeles Times in which she suggested that the best bet for the GOP for 2016 is Sarah Palin.

I referenced her article "Hey GOP Take The Cure" 

It is important to note what Palin's critics drum up as ammunition against her as there is no doubt that these drumbeats will be used by the Dem's in 2016 if she runs and counter measures can be prepared well in advance.

What is of the most significance is not only  Allen's article but the fact that two prominent bloggers have posted long attacking articles about it. If, as is the current meme, Palin is "irrelevant" then it begs the question as to why they would bother attacking her. The answer is, obviously,  that she is far from irrelevant as Senator-elect Cruz and Fischer would attest (and Steelman too if the Missouri voters had heeded Palin).

Here is the link to the anti-Palin rant by Doug Mataconis at Outside The Beltway.  Mataconis seems to have some weird obsession with Palin and doesn't miss a chance to write something negative about her.
His piece:

"Palin As The GOP’s 2016 Savior? In Your DreamsAT THIS LINK

Joe Gandelman Editor-In-Chief at The Moderate Voice 
AT THIS LINK has a piece (full of typos btw) up-which refers to Mataconis-entitled

"No Joke, Not Kidding, Not Joshing Ya, Not the Onion: Sarah Palin for GOP Nominee in 2016?"

which gives an idea of the tenor of the piece, but have a read and file away