Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"The Hill" Sees Election as "A Very Good Day For Palin Who Will Bring Maturity To The GOP 2016"

"The Hill Blog"  At This Link has a wide ranging post up canvassing the election, its aftermath and looks forward to 2016.
 In it 2016 review for the GOP Sarah Palin comes in for major consideration. Apparently, as opposed to Commentary's Jonathan Tobin before the election who advised Palin was "yesterday's news" she is now not

Here are the key take away's regarding Palin: in a post titled "

Waiting for 2016: Elizabeth Warren, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and David Petraeus

"But it is a very good day for Palin too, who will now, as she said clearly last month, challenge the very existence of the Republican Party and the Eastern establishment as she has been doing from the first. 

A third party, for the first time since the 1830s, now has two wings, the one conservative with Ron Paul, the other liberal with Gary Johnson. These are birth pains. But we do not need a new political party. Conservatism needs to build a new party within the framework of the existing Republican Party, just as the Democrats did between the age of Eleanor Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson and the age of Jack Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. The time is getting right for this and the shoe fits Palin, Rick Perry and potentially David Petraeus to bring maturity here in 2016 and for Chris Christie and Jeb Bush to bring opposition."

NB. I think Christie will have a long wait if he is thinking of going for the GOP nomination

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