Thursday, November 1, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage Law In Maryland Being Voted Down Because Of Black Opposition.Leftists Lose "Bigoted Conservative" Meme

The fact that no state has brought in homosexual marriage by popular voting, only by judicial or legislative imposition shows that the majority oppose it. 

California, of all places voted against it and, according to the report from the Los Angeles Times, the state of Maryland is on the way to removing the legislature imposed statute allowing it there.

The fact that the law will be defeated though the opposition of the Black community is of course hugely ironic. The Black community is a bedrock of the Democratic Party and of course President Obama whose position has "evolved' to supporting same sex marriage.

 Even that has not changed the socially conservative views of the Black (and Hispanic) community and their rejection of the same sex concept.

The left is silent on this matter as their usual line of attack-the oppostion to same sex marriage is led by rich white conservative bigots is totally exploded.

Here is the report in part-the whole post is AT THIS LINK

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. — Maryland, which just a month ago appeared poised to become the first state in the country to back gay marriage by popular vote, is now reported to be deadlocked on the issue, in part because of a drop in support from religious blacks.
Only a few weeks ago, polls were suggesting that Marylanders were leaning toward supporting gay marriage, but as November approached, the numbers tightened.
The change appears to be partly driven by black pastors in Maryland urging their congregations to vote against the measure.
During a sermon in October, pastor Harold L. Dugger of First Baptist Church in Prince George's County, Md., asked his congregation to go to the polls to cast their votes against same-sex marriage.