Monday, November 26, 2012

Political Scientists At UC Denver See Palin 2016 Front Runner

My prediction is that these political science students will go far in their chosen profession as the clearly are posses with insight and political smarts.

In a publication entitled "And the front runners for 2016 are..." in their UCD political commentary 2102 review Sarah Palin features amongst the noted front runners for the presidency in 2016;

Their observations include:

"Nonetheless, it is extremely possible, at some point in the next year or two, Hilary Clinton may change her mind and if she were to run, the Republicans, while initially hesitant, might do well to have Sarah Palin run.

After all, even if the Democrats did not have a female front runner, and Palin ran for the presidential nomination, Democrats would have a difficult time saying she disliked women. Charlotte Allen writes,

A Palin “war against women”? Hah! Not only is she a woman, she’s got a single-mom daughter, Bristol, to help with the swelling single-mom demographic. On social issues, Ms. Palin, unlike Mr. Romney, has been absolutely consistent.

Palin, could swing back a large part of the female vote to the Republican party in 2016 regardless of her Tea Party antics, simply because of her political accomplishments and position in government."

And further:

"If things stay close (after the 2014 midterms), an enamoring Sarah Palin could reinvigorate Republicans for the 2016 presidential election."

The whole article is   AT THIS LINK