Thursday, November 1, 2012

(Map)For The GOP 2016 It's All Down To Iowa/N.Hampshire/Colorado And Of Course Ohio

If Mitt Romney loses on the 6th it will be, surely, because a loss in Ohio made any other path to 269 or 270 nearly impossible. An "inside straight" of  FL, NC, VA, WI and NH would be required to get Romney to 270 Electoral College votes.

If it is a given that the GOP will be competitive in 2016 in Florida/North Carolina and Virginia, then of course those states will be a major focus or organization and fundraising as the get out the vote ground operation may be crucial to winning them. 

But looking to the Electoral college winning strategy which builds on those states all possible energy must go into Iowa/New Hampshire/Colorado and Ohio with Ohio being the subject of a four year strategy commencing on November 7th 2012.

As the map below shows a path to 270 can be trodden by winning Ohio and Iowa without Colorado and New Hampshire. Alternatively Ohio plus Colorado or Ohio  plus New Hampshire will suffice. All things being equal it will be the Republican organization's responsibility to examine their version of this map and act accordingly. 

With the nation apparently evenly split between the Dem's and GOP then the ground game and resources going into advertising in these key states will be the make or break consideration. They must not fail