Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Conservatives4Palin Takes Doug Mataconis To The Woodshed For Anti-Palin "Emotionally Charged Rant"

After the Los Angeles Times had the gall and temerity to publish a pro-Palin article, deep in the heart of blue state leftism (which article received over 1400 mostly leftist snide comments) the usual subjects came out of the woodwork to attack and belittle the author and Palin of course..

As would of course also be expected, the radical leftist "progressive" site "Daily Kos" and the execrable "satire" site Wonkette both ran articles snarkily  and snidely attacking the article "Hey GOP,Take the Palin Cure" by Charlotte Allen      

The authors of these two high profile sites seem to have an obsession with Sarah Palin, but whatever their affliction, it pales into insignificance compared to the seemingly endless parade of anti-Palin comments over the years from one Doug Mataconis who writes at "Outside the Beltway" 

I have dealt with this gentleman's anti-Palin articles, and for my pains wear the badge of honor of being called an idiot by him, but bigger fish than me have now taken up the cudgels.

Steve Flesher at Conservatives4Palin have decided enough is enough and has a less than gentle rebuttal up of which this is a taste. You can read the entire, delightful to my eyes, post AT THIS LINK

LA Times Pro-Palin Article Revives Blogger Hysteria

I always find it amusing when people loosely describe themselves as libertarians or independents only to fail the tests of intellectual honesty.
Charlotte Allen’s pro-Palin article over at the LA Times is getting the same predictable and humorous responses we’ve gotten used to over the years when anyone in the media dares to say anything nice about Governor Palin.
One response to Allen’s article is the completely false and emotionally-charged rant from Doug Mataconis.  As such, plenty of Palin-deranged liberals have shown up in the comments section to sing his praises. They are also accompanied by a couple of alleged “Republicans” who say a Palin run would be bad for the Republican Party.  (Of course, they won’t explain why Romney/Ryan failed to get as many votes as McCain/Palin.)
There are simply too many specific falsehoods and untrue characterizations in this piece to waste your time on.  However; his points have basically been copied and pasted from any liberal rag available and can be summed up as follows: