Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Audio:Sarah Steelman (Endorsed By Palin Over Akin) calls out Team Romney for shunning Sarah Palin

Sarah Steelman was enthusiastically endorsed for the Missouri Senate seat by Sarah Palin. Unfortunately for everyone she lost-with the assistance of McCaskill- to Akin who turned out to be a disaster, and who lost what should have been a landslide win for the GOP.

Steelman is hugely loyal to Palin as can be heard in her broadcast and her points are indisputable. Quote: The only Senate seat the GOP picked up was the Palin endorsed Deb Fischer's successful run in Nebraska"

"Maybe the Republican Party should listen to Sarah Palin instead of stiff-arming her"

"In fact, how'd that (Palin blocked) convention work out for ya Mr. Romney?"