Saturday, November 24, 2012

As The Media Puffs Up Rubio,Other Leftists Pronounce Him "The Next Uncle Tom"

All sorts of mixed signals regarding the early shining knight for the GOP 2016. Voices on the conservative right attack Rubio as "just another RINO" and soft on immigration. Others attack him for running down Mitt Romney as soon as the election was over.

Beltway media guru's crown him as the front/probable runner, if not the de facto candidate in 2016, including the establishment left as represented by The New York Times .

The "progressive left" as represented by the likes of "Daily Kos" & "Wonkette" have gone straight into Rubio attack mode, but the really interesting attack (the hagiographies and Establishment paeans are so obvious as to be embarrassing)  has come from one Brent Cohrs. 

Cohrs somehow manages to tie in Sarah Palin in his article on the GOP and Hispanics ("GOP Election Loss may Force Sarah Palin to Pander to Emigrants From Hispania"). It seems almost a compulsion for leftists to do so, no matter how tenuous, or non-existent the connection is.

 It was rewarding to see so many attacks on Cohrs in the comments section to the point where, battered and bruised, he had to back down and advise using Palin was "just satire". No it wasn't, his idiotic attacks were run of the mill distorted, and often untrue and certainly ignorant of the facts left-speak.

Even the hoary "Palin thought Africa was a country" idiocy was trotted out. The definitely said by President Obama that "They speak Austrian" and "all 57 states" comments are passed over of course. As for Biden's multitudinous embarrassments "stand up" he famously commanded a wheelchair bound person is just one of myriads.

But what was new was the attack on Marco Rubio as in effect the same sort of "token' that McCain supposedly created  to attract women voters by choosing Sarah Palin. 

Cohrs advises that Rubio is not only an non-effective choice because "Cubans are the 1% of Hispanics" a gross insult of course, but that by choosing Rubio the GOP would be, in effect, choosing not only a token but an Uncle Tom. "he has never shared their struggles (other Hispanics) and will be seen as an Uncle Tom". A more insulting sentence to the Cuban community whose struggles are well documented, is hard to imagine.

What we are seeing is the utter condescension by the left towards anyone, Black or Hispanic, who chooses to leave, or not join the party of dependency welfare-ism, unemployment and food stamps. Certainly the GOP needs to address its relations with the Hispanic community (in all its constituent parts) but it will do so in a non-prescriptive, non-arrogant, manner. 

Someone like Sarah Palin, whose own children and husband have a minority heritage and whose family epitomises the hand up working class ethic is actually, the right person to dialogue with (not pander to, or worse, as the Dem's do, be paternalistic too) the Hispanic community.