Sunday, November 25, 2012

27 Palin Family Members In This Her Brother Chuck's Thanksgiving Photo and Commentary. Challenge-Name Them All

From Mr. Chuck Heath's site with many thanks for this glimpse into the wider Palin family and their joyous and clearly raucous thanksgiving!
I count 27-the challenge is to name them all-good luck! MJS

Thanksgiving 2012

Nov 25, 2012 by 
Thanksgiving 2012
Here’s a picture of almost everyone in the Heath/Palin clan taken on Thanksgiving Day. It was so nice to finally get everyone together and it was an especially meaningful day because Track had just arrived safely from Afghanistan a couple of days beforehand.
Getting us all together seems to be harder and harder to do lately. Between the kids hockey and basketball games, book signings, hunting/fishing trips, Bristol and Sarah’s hectic schedules, military duties, college, Todd training for Iron Dog, etc… it’s a wonder we are ever able to assemble the whole crew.
My house was packed with family and friends. Everyone pitched in to cook their specialties. Mom made a delicious ham, Sarah baked cookies and made a couple of potato/cheese/moose-bacon casseroles, Heather made the salads and sweet potatoes, Molly baked the rolls, my mother-in-law Jean baked many pies, I prepared a dry turkey, and Dad made a mess. My father-in-law, Mark, said a wonderful prayer and we all dug in. (Lots of other people contributed, too!)
Most of the guys spent the day downstairs watching the football games. We even kept the Jets/Pats game on for the duration because we assumed Tebow would get a chance at QB after the score became so lopsided. Come on, Ryan! What have you got to lose now? Give him a chance!
My daughter celebrated her first birthday party, too. She had a blast tearing into her first cake and everyone was roaring with laughter as she smeared it all over her face.
Overall, it was a great day and we enjoyed the respite from all of the distractions in our lives. We’ve got many challenges ahead of us this year… I guess we’ll start dealing with those on Monday.
We hope you had a great day, too!