Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video:Governor Palin to Shannon Bream: I’m obviously still thinking about running for national office

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 14, 2012

SB - (Reading Twitter question) "will you run in 2016 if Romney doesn't win or in 2020 and would you consider Condi Rice as an all female ticket as your VP?
SP- "wouldn't that be cool an all female ticket....maybe that's part of the answer America needs. Um, I am obviously still thinking about running in the future for an office that would allow the effective policies that America needs. We (I) have a good track record having served in the past at local, state level of government, really engaging in the relentless reform, that is needed (indistinct - clean??) and reign in the growth of government. I think I could put some of that experience to good use on a national level so obviously still thinking about it but, um, we'll see what the future holds.
Governor Palin talked to Shannon Bream on FOX News HQ today and answered a number of questions tweeted to the show by Twitter followers.  First, Shannon asked her what she thought of Thursday night’s VP debate.  Governor Palin responded that after you wade through the odd style of Biden’s performance and get to the substance of the debate, that it was a given that Paul Ryan won that debate.
The first Twitter question was about what Gov. Palin’s advice to Romney would be for his next debate with Obama.  She said that he should focus on getting the government out of the way of job creators and should not engage with Obama when he tries to claim nonexistent tax increases under a Romney administration  in January.
Asked if she would ever accept a Secretary of State position in a conservative administration, Governor Palin responded that she would do anything she could to help a conservative administration.  She said that America needs to get tough with our enemies and befriend our allies.
A Tweeter with the handle of Republican Soldier asked if Gov. Palin would go hunting with him.  She said that they were in the middle of hunting season right now, filling their freezer.  She said thank you to the soldier and told him that “we love you” and “you are America’s finest.”
Asked about how Trig is doing, Governor Palin replied that he is doing “absolutely wonderful,” and that they are going to bring him with them to Bristol’s next performance on DWTS All Stars.  She said that Trig is a healthy, rowdy, 4-year-old and ‘the light of our lives.”
Her advice on energy policy was that we have wonderful opportunities for energy independence, with  untold  numbers – millions of billions of gallons  - of domestic crude under our lands and that government regulation and environmentalists are preventing us from using them.  She said they would rather outsource to other countries who do not safeguard the environment or their workforce.  Gov. Palin said we are on the  wrong road with energy policies under Obama and that that is unacceptable.
In response to Shannon’s question about the news of Arlen Specter’s death, Governor Palin said she was very sad for his loved ones.  She said that it takes guts and fortitude to serve in public office and that she appreciated his years of service in public office.
One Twitter follower asked if she planned to run for office in 2016 if Romney loses or in 2020, and if she would consider Condi Rice as her vice presidential candidate.  Governor Palin responded, “Wouldn’t that be cool – an all-female ticket!”  She said that she was obviously still thinking about running for public office in the future, that she had a good track record at state and local levels.  She indicated an interest in running at the national level and said that “we will see what the future holds.”