Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Video Interview:Sarah Palin Leaves Open The Possibility She Will Run For President

She didn't confirm she might run for president (or any office) either. Palin gave an impromptu brief interview when cornered by paparazzi at night. To the direct question of "do you think you will run again Sarah" she said "I don't know, I'm not sure what the future holds,que sera sera (which is of course Spanish for "what will be will be").

That suits me, and of course the purpose of this blog, just fine. "I don't know" is, of course, not a "no" and neither is it a yes of course, but it leaves open the possibility that she might run at some point in the future.

She could have said no of course, especially as she is fulfilling the role she set out for herself if she did not run in 2012. That is supporting true conservatives, and very successfully too, like Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer. 

She has her family, especially Trig to look after, and Bristol is at an important time in her young life. Author, commentator, Sarahpac, and who knows what other things she has in hand, would be enough for most people's lives and it would be well understood if that was enough for her.

But she has left the door open, and as long as it is, her legions of supporters will be there for her should she decide to take the plunge. In the meantime there is an election near to hand, and a lot of what her future holds will be determined, surely, by the outcome on November 6th.

Her is Sarah in her own words about the possibility of running.