Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Palin releases charming photo of Trig & Tripp.Best ever case against abortion/condemnation of Wonkette/Kos/Immoral Minority readers

Update;I notice alleged humans from a site called "SarahPalinhasaserpent'sheart" or suchlike childish title are visiting here including this monstrosity;

  1. AnonymousMarch 9, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Thanks for the link! And are correct....that's Trig 7.1 and that picture is from October 2012! He has on the EXACT same "cloths"(Hi Toad ya nasty ass pimp!) right down to the shoes!

It is hard to believe anyone actually looks like that (if they do) and can speak somewhat intelligible gibberish. If this thing actually looks like that it explains everything about it and the rest of the denizens of that site. If it doesn't look like that physically it does in its substitute for a heart.

Go away all you Swiftian Yahoos and don't come back-you are not welcome here.

Here is a charming photograph of Sarah Palin's son and grandson. In the  mind of  some leftists they would have been aborted yet here is living testimony to life. It is also testimony to the courage of Sarah and Bristol who, in the former case knew that her potential child had Downs, and the latter faced a life as a solo mother.

Trig of course is the child that the execrable site "Wonkette" called a "retard" (for which it was excoriated) under the previous publisher. When a reader tried that again under the new editor they were banned-which would have nothing to do with the fact that when it happened the first time the site lost all  its advertiser's of course (even socialists have to suck at the capitalist teat when the rent is due).

The disgusting site "Immoral Minority and also leftists hate site Daily Kos, which originated the idea, advised that Trig was nto even Sarah's son which thought  marked the absolute nadir of leftist woman hate.

On a brighter note which normal person could not see joy and happiness in this picture.