Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daily Kos Writes Off Palin "No One Wants Her Endorsement";Tell That To Cruz/Fischer/Mourdock

The "progressive" i.e. idiotic far leftist commentators at the execrable "Daily Kos" (run by the execrable Kos Moulitsas of the "mission accomplished Sarah Palin/Gifford's Tweet) site just can't let go of their Palin hate.

On the one hand they write her off as utterly finished and on the other they continue to write about her. Here is one of the latest screeds which has the usual compliment of snark. Here is "coquiero" (hiding behind apseudonym) at Kos;

"So, here, for your enjoyment is Sarah's last gasp.  She won't have another.  As soon as her contract is up, Roger Ailes will kick her to the curb.  Her books don't sell anymore.  No one wants to see her in a reality series, at least not one where she has editorial rights.  No one cares about her political nonsense anymore, no one wants her endorsement.

She's done.  And she knows it.  You can see it on her face, in her voice and in her mannerisms."

Leaving aside the  prognostications of Palin's doom the statement that "no one wants her endorsement" shows just how out of touch and blind Palin hate makes people.

In the last run of GOP primary campaigns (which even the mainstream media/leftists blogs admitted she had a major influence on where she participated and had an amazing success rate) a number of candidates sought her endorsement and were thrilled when they received it.

Soon to be senators Ted Cruz in Texas, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, and Deb Fischer owe their primary wins in large part directly to Palin's endorsement. Cruz in particular has been emphatic that it was Palin's endorsement that made his primary win possible and that as soon as she endorsed him his campaign was electrified.

But try and make the rain go upwards-leftists will never have the scales fall from their eyes as they are too conditioned and cocooned in their hate for a Conservative pro-life woman to see the truth even if it hit them in the face.