Saturday, September 1, 2012

Washington Times" Come 2016 (Presidential race) The GOP Means GOPalin"

The Washington Times has an article by Joseph Curl reviewing the just ended GOP convention and the state of the party now, and the possibilities going forwards, to 2016.

The article is, on balance, highly favorable to Sarah Palin as possibly being one of the key players, if not the
key player in 2016. The major statement in that respect is this:

Should Mr. Romney lose, a second moderate loss in a row, the Republican Party will be forced to rethink its future: continue to seek the center and hope for the best, or return to the conservatism that propelled Ronald Reagan into office — and changed America forever.
Come 2016, GOP might just stand for “GOPalin!”

Comments at Conservatives4Palin range from the observations that Mr. Curl is perhaps harsh on Palin's current status, which he basically describes as forgotten apart from being a 'talking head," to comments that, if Romney is elected, there will not be an effective challenge to him for a second term run.

The first part of his negative comment is irrelevant,rather than Palin being so, as for example, Nixon was in a far worse condition than Palin, after losing both the presidential race and then the governorship of his home state.

Nixon then went from a "career ending" press conference "you won't have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore" to being elected president twice.

The latter because, in their opinion, the Romney team have so fixed the rules that it will be impossible to mount an effective challenge,as witness, they say, the manner in which the Ron Paul forces were dealt with. 

Whether this is true as far as rule management is concerned is moot but even the most rigid rules could not stop a mass movement like that which saw LBJ withdraw at the start of the 1968 primaries.

But the main point remains, if Romney loses then, after a succession of Beltway backed candidates the time will be ripe for a rank and file favorite, Palin to have her turn in 2016.

You can read the whole article AT THIS LINK