Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update;NY May Not Be Sawn Off As Emptying Out;"Was Goldwater Only Half Right? Should California And New York Both Be Sawed Off?

Update;major cost/effort of sawing off New York  may not be required as state is losing population percentage to Florida and Texas both either Republican or marginal.
Escape From New York? High-Taxing Empire State Loses 3.4 Million Residents in 10 Years - See more at: 


                                       President of the American Central Republic?

At, a California based publication, Tom Elias has an article up "GOP Cheap Shots at California" where he moans about what he sees as 'right wing bloggers' belittling their home state;

Here's a sample of his article which can be read in whole AT THIS LINK;

"Back in years like 1936 and 1972, when California was in the midst of serious recessions, no Republican presidential candidate or surrogate would have dared bash California the way Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Peggy Noonan and others lately have.

Back then, this state was pretty safely Republican in presidential voting and no GOP bigwig would do anything to risk changing that.

But times have changed; California has become safely Democratic, so the GOP has nothing to lose.

We see this regularly from a determined corps of right-leaning bloggers who almost never say anything positive about the state they call home. Their constant tide of belittling commentary moved Gov. Jerry Brown to coin a new term —"declinists." Nevertheless, it has caused national pundits to take a negative view of the state.

But was there merit in Romney's likening California to financially troubled nations of similar size like Spain, Italy and Greece? Was Palin, the former vice presidential candidate, correct to call California "a cautionary tale" for the rest of America? Was former presidential speechwriter Noonan on target while blasting California on national television?"

You get the drift I would imagine.

Speaking of "drift' Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential campaign famously stated;

"Sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea."

Mr.Goldwater identified the East Coast states, and particularly New York I would hazard a guess, with liberalism, socialism, paternalism with that unique concept. Of course those states, regularly voting for the Democratic party, New York has voted for the Dem's in every election since 1988 (even for the hapless Dukakis), and those values, do not represent the overall views of America which is generally conceded to be a centre-right country.

Thus, and given American ingenuity and know how, if those states could be sawed off, it would restore the rest of America to the governance it really wishes it had. The remaining happy, mainland/heartland folks could then cling to their guns and religion without fear of some East Coast liberal taking them away.

What life would be like in the sawed off states I couldn't hazard a guess. But if pushed to it I would think it would be like some modern version of Haight Ashbury circa 1967, or perhaps Sodom and Gomorrah. But who knows what a liberal paradise would really look like.

It might appear that Mr. Goldwater only got things half right, but he can be forgiven this lapse as back in his time California, that other den of liberalism, voted for the Republicans regularly. H

However, since 1992 it has delivered 50 or more Electoral College votes to the Dem's in every election. Thus it is the cornerstone, not only of liberal elite Hollywood media types, but of the election chances of the Democratic Party.

Perhaps even more so than New York, California is now the heartland of leftism. If that is the case, then sawing of the Eastern Seaboard from say, North Carolina to Maine (the electoral map has changed a bit since Goldwater's day) would be a job half done. If California to Washington state was sawed off on the other coast then heartland America would be one joyous conservative nation-preferably under Sarah Palin's benevolent guidance.

In the meantime, think of all the jobs that would be created in the massive engineering project needed to complete the happy task. Thus all America would benefit, with a time of full employment and lifted spirits, as each section could manage their affairs as best. Who knows, with continental drift California and New York, once set afloat, might join up and the liberal paradise would be complete.

There is hope for Mr. Elias and his ilk yet, and they would not have to suffer the voices of the "declinists" and could have Jerry Brown as president for life-lucky them, lucky everyone else.

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