Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taylor Marsh Can't Let Go Of Her Palin Obsession Madness

At least Taylor Marsh has updated her photo from the Sears catalogue clothing outfit she had on her page for ages, but one thing hasn't changed her apparent mad obsession with Sarah Palin.

I'm guessing, but with Palin obsessives the underlying cause is always a mystery, her need to continuously bash Palin has something to do with her perceiving Palin as some sort of threat to her inamorata Hillary Clinton. But as I said, who knows?

It might be something to do with a psychological problem based on wistful regret of a "childless by choice" woman in light of a woman who "has it all' and has a slew of children and grandchildren like Palin. 

But whatever the reason, Marsh is at it again. It never ceases to amaze me as to why the left continues to bash away at someone they have written off as "irrelevant" and an has been etc and who is, unprecedentedly, the recipient of attacks unlike any losing VP candidate in history four years after a run for that office.

Here is Marsh commenting on Paul Ryan seemingly throwing Romney under the bus in a post entitled "Ryan goes rogue, calls Romney "obviously inarticulate". 

If she had left it at that, including the obvious but unstated reference to Palin ("going rogue"-see she just can't let it go) she might have got the bile out of her system enough to carry on lucidly with a valid point.

But no, Marsh, like other Palin obsessives (Andrew Sullivan comes to  mind) had to get another dig in with this comment:

NOT EVEN Sarah Palin stabbed John McCain like Paul Ryan did on this one.

Where was there an instance of Palin EVER denigrating John McCain in any way at any time (not campaigning in Michigan, which was a strategy difference hardly counts)? There isn't any instance so why bring up Palin in the context of Ryan's statement except to continue with the Palin denigration for no discernible reason except some personal problematic one.

The left is, frankly, stone cold bonkers  where Palin is concerned attacking someone who is not a candidate in the full flush of the current campaign.