Saturday, September 29, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why GOP Establishment Will Blame Palin If Romney Loses

As articles like 'Whose idea was it to nominate Romney" appear more often and in various versions the same GOP campaign managers and "insiders" who viciously attacked Sarah Palin after the 2008 campaign will be at it again. 

Having learned that there is good money to be made by writing tell all "books' which the leftist media and Palin haters gobble up there is an absolute certainty we will see the same people, although a different cast of characters, having another go to save their skins and cash in on the anti-Palin audience for such tittle tattle trash. Who knows they may get an appearance in a new version of "Game Change".

Here are the top ten reasons why they will blame Palin if Romney loses;

#1. Force of habit

# 2. Hoping it will lead to "talking head" tame Republican guest spots on MSNBC

#3. To enable them to fill in a chapter in their "tell all" post loss books

#4. Because McCain chose Palin over Romney as his VP thus allowing for "Even McCain preferred Palin to         Romney after seeing his tax records" comments. (Not technically Palin's fault but that won't stop them blaming  her of course)

#5. By suggesting Romney "go rogue" Palin created opportunities for the most miserable "satire" ever. Like this execrable "If Mitt Romney went rogue" piece at The Wall Street Journal which depressed Republican turnout as it indicted the campaign must have been in a hopeless position for such lame "support" of the candidate.

#6. So they can tee-up their next "centrist" candidate (calling Jeb/Chris) by stopping the only viable true conservative.

#7. They will say Romney lost because Palin was not a "team player" didn't fire up the base by speaking at the convention (whoops) and go on the campaign trail with Mitt. (that she wasn't invited is neither here nor there of course.

#8. Palin gave the left an opportunity to "denigrate" Paul Ryan. If she hadn't been on the ticket in 2008 they couldn't have said "Ryan is just Palin in trousers".

#9.By helping so many Tea Party candidates to win in 2010 she forced the party to the right and Romney was forced to stand on an unpopular platform. It's all her fault. Romney was not dislikable, stiff, had no tax return problems, the "47%" video had no influence, his trip to the U.K. was not a disaster, neither did he jump the gun when the U.S. Ambassador was killed. Oh, and Ryan ran a hugely popular campaign with bigger crowds than Palin drew.

#10. They have already started blaming Palin !