Saturday, September 29, 2012

The "Ol Palin Formula:Shoot The VP Candidate. New Republic: It's All Ryan's fault That Romney Is Losing.

At least the McCain team had the decency to (mostly) wait till after the election was over before the rounded on Palin as the supposed reason why McCain lost. The fact that major polling firms showed exactly the opposite-more people voted for McCain because she was on the ticket had nothing to do with the ass covering.

I have actually prepared a "top ten" list of why Palin will even be blamed for losing this election-at AT THIS LINK but I may have been too hasty. 

The New Republic has a post  up '47% was bad for Romney  Ryan has been deadly" which includes this nail in coffin statement "Ryan has done enormous damage to the ticket".

Two things are going on here. Firstly the establishment wants to run another establishment candidate in 2016. If Romney loses (Pawlenty jumping ship is a pretty good indicator of what is to come) the rank and file will of course say they have had enough of RINO's and will want a real conservative candidate.

By pinning the blame on Ryan the Beltway will say that they had their conservative and he lost Romney the election so, heaven forbid I am actually saying this, they will advise that "Romney needs another run, this time with a centrist VP who will not scare away the Independents".

That argument would of course be used against Palin should she decide to have ago in 2016 by the Romney/Bush/Christie forces.

The second thing is that of course the Romney team saw the beneficial financial effects of writing tell all post election loss books which saw them being acted as movers and shakers in a Hollywood flick so the groundwork is being laid.

Of course who forced Romney to pick Ryan as his VP candidate? It's no use saying Romney is a "take charge hard headed businessman" and then say "Romney was forced by extreme elements to choose a radical VP like Ryan. They can't have it both ways (but will try of course).