Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sarah Palin Never Before Seen 21 Picture Candid Photo Album On Stump In Arizona

I was just sent a series of candid photograph's of Sarah Palin campaigning for Kirk Adams in Arizona. A few have been published but not the whole series according to my informant to whom I am most grateful for supplying her precious mementos. Here's her story:

Some are slightly out of focus, but to me that is just part of what is clearly the rush and excitement that her presence generates and is in itself a telling factor.

I add them to the series I published during the campaign and the 21 in total give an outstanding portrait of Palin on the stump. Her affability, genuine care for folks and charisma are obvious for all to see. A  moment in time captured but significant in what it portrays.

Here is a local coffee shop owner commenting on the huge crowd for Palin.Click ony pictures to enlarge.