Monday, September 10, 2012

Ryan Won't Reject Tax Hikes & Romney Backs Off "Day One Obamacare Repeal"Not Even In Office & Backtracking

                       This person can be trusted to keep her word-other people, not so much

Following on from Romney advising he would keep aspects of Obamacare (what happened to "Repeal from day one"? Here is the GOP's "repeal' video 

And here is the latest from Romney which contradicts the video 

Now we have this from Ryan;  

"Putting himself at odds with his GOP presidential running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan this morning on "This Week" refused to tell me that he would reject a hypothetical debt reduction deal - composed of spending cuts and tax hikes by a ratio of ten to one - that Mitt Romney famously rejected during a presidential primary debate last year."

The McCain/Palin ticket never had this policy dissonance in public that I can recall. The only Dem/GOP difference with the teams is one of emphasis. 

This is hardly the way to energize the base. This reinforces all the conservatives fears and hesitations about Romney and the GOP establishment. How they can ask conservatives to trust Romney/Ryan when they are flip flopping already is beyond me.